Let me be creative for you!

"By day I'm a 3D real estate visualizer, but at night (or in the weekends or on my day off) I become a photographer on the hunt for architectural elements in the urban jungle."

Let's elaborate on this a little bit; ever since I was a little kid I was always drawing and occasionally playing around in Photoshop. That's why I decided to go to Graphic School, where most of my traditional drawing was soon replaced with working digitally only. I also became quickly fascinated by working with 3D software, and educated myself far beyond the basics. I have been working as a 3D visualizer for the better part of my working years now, doing mostly real estate related projects, but also product marketing. These projects vary from stills to animations, 360 views, configurations, personalization, augmented reality and virtual reality. Next to being a 3D artist, I'm also experienced in doing 2D work such as logo design, photo retouching, infographics, webdesign etcetera, etcetera. However, you will find no such works on this website. This website is all about photography.

Working almost solely on a computer, I felt like I really needed to get out of my chair more and started doing photography as a hobby in 2010. Having experience with composition, lighting and post processing, this seemed a sensible way to leave the desk AND expand my capabilities even further while doing so. I'm a couple of years in now, and stuff got serious. It's no longer just a hobby, it became a job next to my day job. My main profession is architecture but I also like to do land-, sea-, city- and starscapes very much. And I like to do an odd bit of portrait photography every now and then.

So, that's me in a nutshell. I look forward to meeting you too.
I'm always up for doing new things, so if you want to make use of my skills and creativity for your purposes, don't hesitate to get in touch.
Also, if you want to ask me about my 2D/3D skills or buy a print; just ask.


Ferry Passchier


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KVK: 66280494